Welcome to Salt and Earth

Salt and Earth Vintage,
Based in the Bay Area of California.
Evolved from a Collective of Passions, into a Space to Celebrate Culture and Style. Showcasing an Assortment of Vintage Clothing, Textiles, and Original Art.
We Understand the Wasteful Nature of Consumer Culture, and the Disenfranchisement of its Workers. Leading, Salt and Earth, to Rethink the way we Carelessly Abandon. A Commitment to Sustainable, and Authentic Style, Creates an Outlet that is More Meaningful and Satisfying. 
A Community of Style and Responsibility, with Intention to Repair, Recycle, and Upcycle; Vintage Clothing, Textiles, and Art from Repurposed Materials. Keep these Wearable, Functional Pieces Out of the Landfill, and Extend their Cycle of Life. 
In Growth, We look forward to Collaborating with Like Minded Small Businesses and Partner with Purpose Driven Charities to Create a Conscious Community. Move the Needle, Restructure the Industry to Serve All.
Saving the Planet and Looking Good do not Have to be Mutually Exclusive. Together we can Create a More Sustainable Industry. 
We Love The Planet.
Salt and Earth Vintage.
Enjoy the Collection.